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Voices & Visions considers written and visual submissions from students and alumnae who attend(ed) women’s colleges, universities, and high schools around the world. Bi-annual publications are grounded in determined themes that illuminate the varying modes of interpretation expressed by featured authors and artists.

The theme of our Spring 2023 issue is “Noise.”

Submission Deadline: April 14, 2023

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Submission Guidelines

Voices & Visions publishes work in a range of formats, including prose, poetry, photography, visual arts, video, and audio files/music. V&V will not knowingly publish submissions that are slanderous, libelous, racist, sexist, ageist, or otherwise intentionally discriminatory or offensive. All works must be original and must not be subject to copyright restrictions. For each issue, the journal publishes one submission per selected student. After its final review, our Editorial Staff will notify each submitter of the status of their work.

All submissions should be sent in digital format via email. Text submissions should be typed and submitted in a file format that can readily be edited (Microsoft Word and Google Doc are preferred). Photographs, paintings, drawings, illustrations, or other visual artwork should be submitted in a format that can be opened and manipulated in Photoshop CS5 (JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, and GIF). Submitted images should not include vectors or layers. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and submitted as a URL. Audio files must be compatible with  iTunes, Google Music, or other online audio services.

Editorial Policy

Voices and Visions submissions are reviewed by student editors at Smith College. V&V reserves the right to edit all submissions for accuracy and consistency. Each submission is edited according to the spelling, grammar, and punctuation conventions of the version of English used for academically edited text at the member institution of the student who submits it. In its editing, V&V prioritizes the preservation of each student’s unique voice and artistic intent over absolute grammatical or idiomatic correctness. A style sheet containing more details about the V&V editing policies is available upon request.