Spring 2018: Transitions

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the eighth edition of Voices & Visions, themed “Transitions.”  This theme in particular carries personal resonance for several of our staff members: Beth and Faizah are graduating, our first-year assistant editors, Aviva, Abby, Faith, and Camille, have taken on important roles in the production of this journal, and Professor Cohen, the journal’s founder, is taking on a new position as Director of the Lewis Global Studies Center at Smith. The journal itself is moving with her, and we are all excited to see what changes this transition will bring.

We are also excited to present our spring issue, comprising 15 written works and 14 visuals that express the fear and anticipation which transitions evoke, while celebrating positive aspects of change. Our contributors document physical, mental, and spiritual transitions that shape and define their lives. From the beauty of a receding tide to the complexities of gender, the writers and artists in this issue encourage us to embrace both constancy and uncertainty, heightening our awareness of the present moment while reminding us of the ways in which literature and art– themselves both enduring and evolving–buoy us in times of flux.

We hope these transformative works of art will inspire you to document your own transitions, whatever they may be.  Happy reading!


Brittany Collins, Editor-In-Chief
Beth Derr, Managing Editor

on behalf of the Voices & Visions editorial staff

Table of Contents

A Blur in the Binary
Alex Fallon, Agnes Scott College, USA

Deborah Villamia, Smith College, USA

Dollar Tree
Meh Sod Paw, Agnes Scott College, USA

The Optimistic Change
Usra Shaukat, AUW, Bangladesh

Isis and Osiris
sakina alia, Bryn Mawr College, USA

Yu Yan, Smith College, USA

Movements of Life
Madeleine Olson, Mount Holyoke College, USA

First Glance
Julia Dwyer, Agnes Scott College, USA

Callie Swaim-Fox, Smith College USA

Turning Point
Madeleine Olson, Mount Holyoke College, USA

The Battle with My Other Self
Mashiat Hossain, Asian University for Women, Bangladesh

The First Frost
Abby Westgate, Smith College, USA

The Sum of Her Parts
Charity Kerrigan, Mary Baldwin University, USA

Marisca Pichette, Mount Holyoke College, USA

Turtle Women
Lydia Solodiuk, Mount Holyoke College, USA

Christine Cassidy, Douglass College Rutgers, USA

Little Raindrop
Alice Mawi, Agnes Scott College, USA

Of the E’s in Life
Nanjiba Zahin, Asian University for Women, Bangladesh

A Glimpse of Light
Cassandra Gonzalez, Smith College, USA

Tatiana de Villeneuve, Smith College USA

Leena Saeed, AUW, Sudan

High School Creators

Peaches & Mangoes
Dorrit Corwin, Marlborough School, USA

Larissa Magnana, Fontbonne Hall Academy, USA

The Words of the Waves
Elizabeth Muller, Miss Porter’s School, USA