Editorial Staff

Brittany Collins, Editor in Chief

Brittany brings to Voices & Visions her experience as a Fiction Reader for the New England Review, Expert Reviewer and Shortlist Judge for Write the World LLC, Ad Hoc Reviewer for English Teaching: Practice and Critique (Emerald Publishing), and National Judge for the Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines, of the National Council of Teachers of English. Her publications are featured in English Journal and Literacy & NCTE, of the National Council of Teachers of English; Insight of Dana Farber Cancer Institute; The Mighty; and Voices & Visions. In the spring of 2017, she was profiled by Ms. magazine for her editorial work and was honored to have Gloria Steinem and the National Museum of Women in the Arts share “Peace,” the spring ’17 edition of Voices & Visions, on social media.

Brittany loves stories, oratorical and written; she holds reverence for the lived experiences of women and considers Voices & Visions a connective, educative opportunity to honor a breadth of creators worldwide.

beth managing editor
Beth Derr, Managing Editor

Beth is a Smith College senior majoring in English literature. She is a reader for the Massachusetts Review and Labrys, and has been published on the Massachusetts Review and Sparknotes blogs, in addition to Voices & Visions. She studies methods for including previously silenced voices in those canons while empowering marginalized authors to rewrite colonialist narratives in history and literature.

Beth aspires to help disenfranchised people tell their own stories. Her passion for honoring individuals’ experiences drives her work with Voices & Visions, and she is excited by the journal’s mission to celebrate women’s narratives.

Faizah Aziz Aditya, Assistant Editor

Faizah, a senior at the Asian University for Women, discovered her talent for writing after enrolling in university. Ever since, she has utilized her self-professed knack for writing to bring out the reality, emotions and perspectives of mostly ignored South-Asian women through fiction writing and has advocated for women’s rights through her analytical works. She stumbled across Voices & Visions while working as a tutor at the Writing Center of her university in Bangladesh and admired the mission of the journal, which falls parallel to the motto of her university: “empowering women to bring out their voices.”  Faizah is the author of “Residing Within” and “He Watches Over Me,” and she is the producer of a Voices & Visions performance video of the former. In the future, she aims to continue writing in her free time while working as a teacher. She looks forward to working with Voices & Visions because the journal complements her current education as well as what she personally believes in: for women’s voices to be recognized, heard and broadcasted for the world to hear.

Faith, Managing Editor
Faith de Castro, Assistant Editor

Faith is a freshman at Smith College in Northampton, MA, exploring English and Anthropology with special interests in publishing and the media. She joins Voices & Visions through STRIDE, a program that allows students to work in collaboration with Smith professors.  She is interested in feminist narratives and the importance of education in illuminating women’s “voices.” Faith worked as a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood, is committed to reproductive health and justice, and sees writing and the media as crucial forums for engaging in conversations about these pressing issues.

aviva2 (2)
Aviva Green, Assistant Editor

Aviva is a sophomore at Smith College. She enjoys writing and reading and is excited to be on the Voices & Visions editorial team. Aviva is from Bethany, Connecticut. She is an history major with a possible minor in government. She is interested in women’s creative narratives throughout history. Outside of the classroom, she is passionate about music and plays the clarinet in both the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra at Smith.

abby (2)
Abby Westgate, Assistant Editor

Abby is a first year at Smith College and is grateful for the opportunity to work with talented women writers and artists through Voices & Visions. She is passionate about writing and visual art, as well as the intersections of those forms. Her poetry has been featured in the Grounds for Sculpture Ekphrastic Poets Invitational and has received recognition from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. During her time at Smith, she hopes to study literature while illuminating the perspectives of women around the world through her editorial work.


Camille Butera, Assistant Editor
Camille is a first year at Smith College, and is so excited to be joining the Voices & Visions staff. She is an intended sociology major, with interests in the intersection of internet communities with disenfranchised and marginalized groups, along with the cultural context of the literary tradition. In addition, she has self published two chapbooks, along with an anthology art and literature book. She hope that, through the global spread of this journal, she can bring to light voices that are often silenced, and the beauty of their works.

Rosetta Marantz Cohen is the founder of Voices & Visions, the faculty advisor, and a professor in the Department of Education and Child Study at Smith College in Massachusetts.