Brittany Rose Collins, Editor in Chief

Brittany attends Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she studies English and education. With an interest in creative nonfiction and memoir, she has explored the ways in which personal narrative writing scaffolds identity development. Brittany is passionate about issues of representation and is committed to challenging and expanding the definition of that which is deemed “literary.” She believes in celebrating works that transcend the Eurocentric canon typically honored by English curricula; her work as a diversity educator ignited her interest in the efficacy of storytelling in social justice education, and her nascent research inquiries surround narratology, schema theory, and the psychological science behind storytelling — technicalities which legitimize the notion that stories (oratorical and written) are vehicles for human connection and community building.

In addition to her editorial work, Brittany is an Expert Reviewer for Write the World and a volunteer at Voices of Witness, an organization that creates books and free curricula highlighting the oral histories of those who have experienced human rights crises. She values her work with Voices & Visions because the journal allows her to combine her passions and connect with a powerful breadth of artists around the world.

managing editor
Beth Derr, Managing Editor

Beth is a Smith College junior who is majoring in English literature. She spends most of her time in the Sophia Smith Collection, an internationally recognized women’s history archive, as her academic explorations have led her to research issues of representative exclusion in historical and literary canons. She has also explored methods for including previously silenced voices while empowering marginalized authors to rewrite colonialist narratives in history and literature.

Beth aspires to help disenfranchised people tell their own stories. Her passion for honoring individuals’ experiences drives her work with Voices & Visions, and she is excited by the journal’s mission to celebrate women’s narratives.

Annaka Paradis, Social Media Editor

Annaka is a junior at Smith College who is studying psychology and chemistry. As a scientist whose work is primarily theoretical and can sometimes feel separated from humanity, she turns to literature, in various iterations, to satisfy her desire for human connection. She is particularly interested in creative nonfiction and satire– genres that reveal personal and universal truths in forms that are both accessible and enjoyable to diverse readerships.

It is her commitment to accessibility and diversity that drives Annaka’s work with Voices and Visions. She wishes to use her position as Social Media Editor to share narratives written by women encompassing a multitude of intersecting identities

zoe VV bio pwic copy
Zoe Hildenbrand, Events Manager

Zoe is a Smith College junior studying American studies and education. As an educator, she is passionate about serving and mentoring high school students as they move towards their goals in life. She is currently the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School Community Fellow with the Jandon Center for Community Engagement at Smith College, and she enjoys cooking as the Executive Chef at the college’s Kosher Kitchen. In her free time, she teaches Zumba/HIIT classes through Get Fit Smith, practices yoga, writes poetry, and free-lifts.