Fall 2022: Reflections

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the eleventh edition of Voices & Visions. This fall, we chose the theme ‘Reflections’ in reference to the moment of post-pandemic calm that we’re experiencing here at Smith, and to celebrate our two core editors, Hannah Phelps and Sophia Bruce, who are graduating this year. This issue’s submissions were the most varied we’ve received yet in terms of form and experimentation, and point toward media’s increasingly central role in our artistic expression and how we see ourselves moving through the world. We’re so excited to feature an animated music video, a poem in a choose-your-own-adventure format, a notes app poem, photographs, and a digital painting.

Thank you to our readers for your continued support, and as always to our contributors for sharing your beautiful work with us– we feel incredibly lucky to get to put out this journal each year. If you’re in school we hope your semester was a restful one. Enjoy this issue with a cup of tea or your favorite cozy drink, and we’ll see you in the spring!


The Voices and Visions Editorial Team

Table of Contents

you and me

Theo von Weiss

St. Catherine University

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Ritika Das

Indraprastha College for Women

Dress By Gram. Curls By Mom.

Nikkole DeMars

St. Catherine University

Reflection of Belonging

Jade Lent

St. Catherine University

Three Poems

Katherine San Filippo

Salem College

Time Perception

Joanna Zhang

Meredith College

Hectic pace of modern life

Kanak Suyal

Indraprastha College For Women

Autumn Love


Indraprastha College for Women

Passing Clouds

Tara Harbo

St. Catherine University


Diadou Sall

St. Catherine University


Des Rodriguez

Mount Mary University

Aanti of the Puddle

Chanelle A. Bergeron

Meredith College


Aswathy B. Surendran

Lady Shri Ram College for Women


Norah L. Tochhawng

Indraprastha College for Women

Poor Little One

Ken Donovan

Cottey College

Two Poems

Hiley Davis

Salem College

Reminiscent Flows

Medhavi Gupta

Indraprastha College for Women

Thin, silky ice on the river

Ayumi Beeler

Smith College

Emotional Reflections of a Woman

Ritika Das

Indraprastha College for Women

Tutorial Level

Fern Schiffer

St. Catherine University

Six Month Lease

Cheyenne Main

Cottey College