wow conference 2012 WEW Conference, Dubai

Voices & Visions was conceived at the 2012 Women’s Education Worldwide ® (WEW) Conference in Dubai. WEW comprises the faculty and chief academic officers of women’s colleges and universities throughout the world. The organization enables collaboration and the sharing of best educational practices; members collect and disseminate data about women’s colleges, foster exchange among diverse institutions, and advocate for women’s education. The international initiative was founded in 2003 by Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges, two of the original “Seven Sisters” of U.S. higher education.

The journal is now partnered with the Kahn Institute of Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Kahn is a liberal arts institute dedicated to supporting collaborative research among Smith College faculty, students, and visiting scholars without regard for the traditional boundaries that accompany departments and academic divisions. While the journal is rooted at Smith, its staff members are committed to global communication and collaboration– interactions made feasible by the digital platform of the Voices & Visions literary journal.




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