My Diary of College Life

Qiangwei Li

I chose English as my major at the university because, before entering the university, I used to be crazy about it and good at it.  Now I am a sophomore and I know that English is not so easy.  Just because I concentrate in English class, doesn’t mean I can have a good command of it. As the verb says, the more you know, the more you will see that you do not know.

The central part of college is studying the major. My life is filled with various English courses—contemporary college English, English-Chinese translation, Reading courses of American and British news publications, etc. When I grasp the class, I am happy. When I can not catch up with my teacher, I am upset. I spend a lot of time in the library. I enjoy myself when I am absorbed in a book and dictionary, associating new with old knowledge.

To be honest, I do not often borrow books from the library because I participate in many other activities. I am one of the vice presidents of the Self-Discipline Union, which is an association made up of students that requires its members to be strict with themselves. I become a member of the club by effort, in order to not be lost in temptation. Not only do I rule myself, but I also call the roll at the beginning of class sometimes and at the end of the of the day, in the dormitory.

At the same time, I am a member of the school press corps. This gives me more opportunities to thoroughly know about my school . I can interview the students, teachers and leaders and I can report about the welcoming-freshmen anniversary and the school’s 60th birthday ceremony. I want to be an author. Since I join the press corps I had the chance to practice writing.

Apart that, I take part in all kinds of activities. I will go shopping or have a visit on weekends or holidays with my classmates or my old friends from other universities. I have been taking good advantage of the Internet, which helps me stay attuned to the world. I pay attention to the US election, the Ya’an earthquake, and to the students of our school who went to the United Arab Emirates in the World Federation of Women’s Education Student Conference.