Reminiscent Flows

Medhavi Gupta

Indraprastha College for Women, New Delhi, India

I left early

The gathering that was making me swirly

I text a stranger I met

On the internet

As I sit in the metro and look at the happenings by

I see two youngsters stumble in

The train

Their hands touching

Triggering something akin to pain

The glimpse of their hands flitting around the steel

A sinking feeling in my chest, making me reel

As the crowd engulfs the lovelorn

I am lost in a sea of bygones

I step out of the station

The gloom and grey of the metro compliments my ruminations

I come to the present

When my imaginations are disrupted

As my line of sight is filled with blue

By the interruption of the ether

I come to

I greet the stranger

To whom I have no tether

He compliments my cheeks, my flesh prison

I nod and go on

I tell myself

Let bygones be bygones