Poor Little One

Ken Donovan

Cottey College, Nevada, Missouri, USA

Poor little one with ears so gentle
hears a low banging drum with sounds influential.
Bearing steady rhythm,
but the tune does not appeal.
But the tune is the anthem,
so their feelings stay concealed.

Poor little one who doesn’t know what awaits.
They cannot see past the overwhelming gates.
In fact, unaware that it’s a gate after all,
but an enormous, inevitable wall.
Made with stone and forged with steel,
but in time will make circumstances ideal.
The poor little one couldn’t be more wrong
this is why I’ve written this story-like song.
Because when the wall becomes a gate
the gate shall open to reveal true fate.

As it begins to crack a light shines through
a light that is pure and true.
It whispers “Come closer, I am here to heal.
Your poor little mind they tried to steal.
Accept me for I accept you.
However you feel is what you shall do.”

The poor little one is sure it can’t be.
“I don’t deserve to be careless and free.”
But the poor little one couldn’t be more wrong
the suffering has past and they’ve been so strong.

As the gate begins to crack a light shines through.
The light a cure, their mind and heart grew.
The poor little one has gained the wealth,
the wisdom to care for their heath.
The wisdom to understand their worth
Know all who love them, everyone on earth