Diadou Sall

St. Catherine University, North Carolina, USA

The smallest cuts are the most painful.
You don’t know where they are,
When you get them,
Or who you get them from,
But you know they’re there.
Sending sharp tensions,
Down its desired path,
Both skin-deep and shallow.
Some a clean shot straight through the heart,
Others a mere pinch.
It’s there.
Small, yet discreet.
Sometimes you feel them,
And they hurt,
But others,
You forget they’re there.
Like the slums of their sorrow missed you
On its way to another,
Cursing them with its touch.
But it chose you.
It marked you,
Again and again,
Tricking you into thinking it’s gone,
But catches you at your most vulnerable.
It’s there.
Watching and waiting,
For the most perfect moment to strike,
And even risks it sometimes,
Losing its patience to take you down,
Wanting you now more than ever.
Here more than there.
It’s there.
It knows everywhere you are,
And everywhere you’ll be.