remedy; ode to orange

Skye Raye

Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA


tonight’s sunset mentions us 

both. i can’t believe it, you’re here, warm

hues, golden as ever. what had plagued me, now—

how i soar: orange

burned & charred—remains my salvation 

ode to orange

the first time i saw you, for the second time, i noticed: something new

though beauty still sublime, orange hair—

another thing i didn’t understand. was it

an accident or act of despair? i couldn’t ask—communication banned.

what had been my least favorite & least encountered

color, i was forced to savor it, while others seem duller.

the fruit, the smell: these i expected. but candy corn, 

construction cones—unforeseen instances: 

my own personal hell, just as He forewarned.