My Home is My Foundation

By: Mutoni Oliva

Davis College Akilah Campus, Akilah, Rwanda


Here I am standing strong

Holding hands of my own

Feeling loved and united

Screaming loud with my voice

This is what I came to tell

My choice, chance, family

All rolled into one

My home is my foundation.


I remember the day I was born

Too young to see the danger

Too blind to see the evil

fear making me run away

From those who loved me

Pushing me down into the vanity,

blindfolding me from every reality

The walls of my foundation protected me

From outside forces

Made me stand tall and never let fall.


They removed me from dark zone raising me to a comfort zone

Desperate for their love

Encouraging me to win not to lose

They trusted me when others doubted me

Every time I fell they pushed me up

Even shedding tears never let me drop one

Their support is till the end as always in the start.


My home dragged me through hard days

Brought a smile on my face that stays

What would I do without you dear home?

Your love and care stays in my heart

Beautiful sealed with a ribbon of trust

Soft and tender it’s warm and calm

Peacefully resting in my treasured mind.


The epitome of sacrifice, kindness of your heart

Taught me the value of the right start

The many compromises which you made for me

No one could see but I had to see

A perfect role that you played in my life

Helped me with my struggle and strive.


                        My home,

You are someone who loved me no matter who I was

Someone who cared for me no matter what happens

Someone who understands the deepest of my feelings

Someone who shares the best trust i have ever found

Someone who never change even if the whole world does

That someone it is my first love well known as my home, my foundation my entire world.



Your reflection is enough for me to know

Your laughter feels my heart with joy

Your love is silent when you show the many things that you do for me

When I close my eyes and I don’t see you I feel that I have lost in all

Your my light at the end of the tunnel

Today is because of your love that makes me stand tall



My home, your love and longing in life it’s the thing that I want all mine

Promise me that it will never change but will remain the same in hue

My home, your foundation is an inspiration for my life

I am blessed to belong to this sunshine that shines every day

I am not shy to say that with you I am only surviving and destined to fly

You are a home and without I would be homeless.