Letter from the Editor: Spring 2019

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our tenth issue of Voices & Visions centered around the theme of “Power.” The journal is excited to explore this topic through the pieces presented, which span from poem to prose, drawing to photography. This issue in particular has a range of pieces from both domestic and international women’s colleges and girl’s high schools, which we hope provide our audience with unique perspectives on this topic. The issue includes work from both students and their teachers, from Rwanda and Australia, as well as from women’s institutions throughout the United States.  We hope that these international perspectives on power will be interesting and illuminating to our audience.

We exist today in a world that is fraught with issues around power: Who has it? How can we give others access to it when it has been denied to them before? What does it feel like  to be under the power of others?These questions take on more resonance when they are answered by writers and artists from women’s colleges and high schools throughout the world. . Through these submissions, we hope to present a range of intersectional perspectives on power, ones that not only illuminate the negative aspects  of power, but also the ways in in which power exists outside of human structures and norms, a reminder that solutions can still be found in our art.

Camille Butera