Say Something

By: Bria Robinson

Agnes Scott College, Georgia, USA

So, another trip to Mississippi.

Let’s push past the flurry of award stares—   because I’m really…

an extension of my Momma’s long standing family fame

and standing in the frame of her shadow does not hide me from these vaguely familiar faces

Who just know I   owe them a hug


When nighttime hits

All these formalities fade fast

cause Mississippi nighttime frees up enough space in this increasingly small trailer

So I can saaaayy…

Something that I shouldn’t— something that shouldn’t come out my mouth

So “Kids go to bed!”

Cause adults want to save You from gettn’ popped in the mouth

Cause its Mississippi Nighttime

And I just remembered I’m in the

Backroom Bunkbed Social Hour

Me against 3

Me against three

I redeem my special Mississippi moment by staring out the window instead of…

Staring into the dark

for their faces

Cause Somebody, somebodies are going to say:

“Bria you know you wouldn’t look so bad if…

You didn’t look like a Cow”

Now I would’ve retaliated quickly to choke out the


before it had a chance to overwhelm me but I was distracted by the unsettling sound


I’m not even fat… why would                          Mhmmmmmm

                                                        There it goes again

In a lighter tone

Is it my face?                                                    Mhhmmmmmmm… and again interrupting me

Maybe   well               Mhmmmmm



                                                         And I was the last to agree before we went to sleep