Under the Yellowwood Tree

By: Tshenolo Matlala

St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls, Hillcrest, South Africa


High atop a hill
Is a Yellowwood tree
Whose dwelling companions
Consist of you and me
A full rotation of the hour hand
Occurring visitation always stand
Reds and yellows
Of the autumn day
Slight breeze
Leads hairs astray
Crinkle, snap
A leaf, a twig
Quench your thirst
Take a swig
Arms spread,
Side to side
No disturbance,
Nature abides
A scent of lilies fills your nose
Deep breath in
Through nature’s hose
Sky blue
Clouds white
Yellowwood tree
A lovely sight
In your pretty eye
A flock of birds flies by
No worries
No frustrations
No trials or
All is calm
All is peace
We must have caught the Golden Fleece
You turn your head and look at me
“We must leave, it’s nearly three”
Well that’s okay
We’ve overstayed
We will return
Another day.