Fall 2016: Letter from the Editors

Welcome, readers, to this rich compilation of visual and written works brought to us by young women writers and artists from around the world. We are thrilled to share our Fall 2016 issue, comprising eleven visual pieces and thirteen works of prose and poetry. From South Africa to South Korea, eighth grade to college, our selected artists individually and collectively reveal what it means to create.

Grounding our work this fall is the theme of “Traditions: Old and New.” As editors, we found tradition a compelling, multivalent prompt—a constant by which to align and contrast diverse experiences, yet an ever-changing entity reflective of our times. Traditions are imbued in our ecology, from nuclear families to countries and cultures; they are instantiated by the foods we eat, the songs we sing in the shower, the ways we grieve and celebrate—tying themselves to our most intimate moments and public lives alike.

What are our traditions as women? Might we find commonality through tradition, and how may we honor our distinct differences? How should we negotiate tensions between our origins and futures? Which traditions do we hold dear, and which do we seek to disrupt? Do we wish to institute new traditions? If you look closely, the following pages seek to answer these questions. Perhaps they will inspire you to ask some of your own.

It is humbling to edit the craftsmanship of women we have never met, to be entrusted with their insights and expressions. To our contributors, thank you for your honest and refreshing perspectives. May the tradition of writing be ever in your fingertips.

Happy reading!


Brittany Collins, Editor-in-Chief

Beth Derr, Managing Editor