Won’t You Shudder

By: Marci Batchelor
Hollins University, Virginia 

A phantom lion greets me

at my doorstep.

His paws are the size of

a human face. I give him

a scowl,

and make a scooting

gesture towards my perfect


relaying that,

no silhouette

can ever knock this tower of me


Nature must think of me as some

pallid philistine

in need of a purple scream.

A shadow lion ploy is cute.

I give Nature points.

Still, un-shuddered, I twist my

keys into the shiny door knob

and enter

my perfect home.

Still, un-shuddered, I twist my

form, stretch and yawn.

Nature is not one to let up.

A real visitor waits for me on the inside.

A small ant, solid and spindly, peeps.

Shriek of shrieks.


I drop my bags. Drop my jaw.

A gallon of whole milk busts.