By: Madeline Massey
Laurel School, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Our song will always be the luminous late night conversations

Far apart and exhausted and cupping our phones in our hands like injured birds

It’s so fragile this mess I make out of our love

Our song will be what was once hers

The million melodies we’ve threaded through the open ears of other people

My harmony will be my hand on your head and your messy bun

Your lips on someone else’s neck

Sing to me about how the bones jut out on his spine

The curve of his ear

I’ll listen

Sing to me about our bleary eyed sunset glances

The birds we’ll let nestle in other’s hearts

Oh these nests are such fragile things

Sing to me about her robin eggshell thin wrists

I’ll lace twigs in the grooves of your heart