Julia Zyla, St. Catherine University, Minnesota, United States

 Julia Zyla Picture

Little One looks at the blade of grass with awe.

Eyes follow the dragonfly

Darting through a forest of green stalks.

Iridescent scales dance in the light

With every fine flutter of her wings.

The agile acrobat dips and dives with ease.

Little hands reach upward

In hopes of capturing its beauty.

Digits envelop the creature in darkness.

Little One holds the blue-green wonder to her ear

To hear her secrets.

Eyes close to concentrate curiosity.

Darkness fell upon both worlds

And nothing stirred in the deep

Save a distant pulse.

Suddenly, dispersed Whispers

Disturbed the void with an unmatched purpose.

From every ripple sprouted




Symphonic movements created structure.

And Beauty was there.

Calls sound from every direction,

Begging to be answered.

Groans and grumbles shook the foundation.

Barks and shrieks upset the place.

Piercing melodies traveled by heartbeat.

And the allure of every crescendo beckoned for one more

To bask in its glory

And add to the chaotic order.

The epitome of the whispers

Culminated in the birth of

One to behold the mystery.

The foundations rumbled with anticipation,

As the final beginning was conceived.

The Whispers grew

And a tremendous cyclone

Whirled a wonder into form.

And the One marveled and wrestled

With its surroundings.

Newborn eyes surveyed its home,

Overwhelmed by its extent.

The One grew and changed in fascinating

And horrible ways,

Altering itself and the beauty around it.

Water issued forth,

And there was Pain and Happiness.

An immense struggle strangled the Beholder

With no particular cause to speak of,

Blinded from understanding.

Desires and Distractions permeated from its pores,

Poisoning the atmosphere

With Confusion.

And Fear made its foundations

In the flounder,

Confining One to the vestibule.

And the One was consumed

By what it had made.

And it could no longer hear the harmony

Which danced along the light beams

And illuminated the spectacle

That was stirred into being

From the Whispers of the deep.

Darkness fell and eyes were opened.

And Little One looks down

Upon the winged whispers with awe.