Divyanshi Chugh, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Dehli, India


(On the conflict between the passion of desire and unconditional servitude of love)
In the wild fire of desire,
The souls of us lovers
Struggled through the violence of love and peace.
His desire to be nothing,
And my desire to be one with him,
Left me as nothingness personified.
My desire to be everything,
And his desire to serve me,
Left him serving even tempests.
Our desire to love, care, and belong
in each other’s warmth,
even amidst insurmountable circumstances,
Left us enraged in our heads,
And wounded in our hearts.
But one in our spirit like never before.
Just as love exists,
In the bricks of imaginary homes of our souls
In a transcendental tie, away from
That old wildfire of desire,
Tsunamis of our pasts,
With courage in our hearts,
Strength in our selves,
And love in our spirits.