Two but One

Nafisa Bedri

Ahfad University for Women

There was once a man with a very strong personality, very popular and loved by basically everyone who knew of him. This man lived a very happy fulfilled live which grew more and more as he grew up, but what was more than surprising is why he never found it enough, he could never see beyond the smiles and simple conversations of those people, he always found a hole in every relationship he had, a problem to escape the prison of commitment. This man had a tough job of keeping everyone satisfied but at the same time remaining in his own space without them knowing, I for one respect this man for he found the time to please others and himself without ever thinking twice.

There was once a woman, no friends, no social life, no hobbies, no interests and was very low on the popularity scale but one thing this woman did have was satisfaction, she found herself more than enough to fill her time and space. This woman could sit in one place for hours just listening to herself argue about issues that she couldn’t bother share with anyone because she simply didn’t see a reason, she busied herself with tasks that she only benefited from their outcome. In total this woman had a personality no one would ever discover because she would never share what she was convinced belonged to her and only her.

What if in a dramatic twist these two very opposite people would one day meet, and without knowing share a conversation, and just when both of them thought they led a perfect life, a life they had no intention of changing, one of them makes a completely insignificant remark that triggers a series of thoughts into each of their minds and alters the paths of their lives forever.

I did say dramatic twist.

Let’s be a little bit more realistic shall we? What if in a less dramatic scene the man is faced with a problem, an obstacle, a tough decision perhaps and for the first time in his life he feels as if his mind is not enough to answer its own questions. The woman and at the same time is also being swallowed into her own mind trying to decipher codes she created in order to solve her own mystery. They both find it disappointing that what they once considered an unstoppable force is now a dark empty space void of all the answers it once possessed. They are both connected in a way no one but them would understand yet each one of them believes they are facing it all by themselves.



Words that trigger a feeling of sadness and emptiness that can overwhelm even the strongest of our kind, it can disable armors and tear down walls just by existing, and those same words can be translated into power and strength, all depending on the receiver. Thus your mind is always and forever alone but you always have the choice to share your thoughts and accept whatever reaction you get because at the end of the day as soon as you decide to open up your mind to others you can’t expect the same reaction you found within it, but something foreign and new and your willingness to accept their words is a sign you’ve grown into something bigger than yourself and can now learn to be two instead of one.