My Mother’s Story of Adam and Eve

Christina Murray

Smith College

(as told by Eve)

Eve, Do You Love Him?

(the question my mother always wanted to ask her.)

Not if he were the last man on Earth.

He was the only man on Earth,

But I couldn’t see past the idea that

I could have my own ideas,

That the green apples could taste like something

Other than Heaven with such a bitter aftertaste.

Who’s to say you can’t argue with God?

Apparently Him.

But He named me woman

How could He expect me to cause

Anything more than woe?

I’d like to apologize to all of you

Women who wait for a savior

Who was once dressed as a man.

I’d like to apologize

Because I think God made some apples bitter

To spite me.

I’m just glad He remembers me–

His first taste of humanity.

I’m to blame for the word slut.

Don’t think it’s a bad thing.

Satan said words to me

Like he though I knew what they meant,

Knowledge existed between his legs.

I took it and I think

God was offended I didn’t want Him instead.

Now He gets men to look at you

Like they want you

What they really want is to be a god.

But, I guess those men weren’t lying to you

When they said education is bad

For reproduction.

Look how my kids turned out.

Don’t let that fool you–

Boys will be boys. They want to be gods, remember?

When he asks you if you love him

Say no.

That’s called the women’s movement.