Iridescent Feathers

Divyanshi Chugh

Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Black bead in the earring, sienna raw,

Solitary solitaire in the ring’s claw,

Flustered kohl that diffuses with every blink,

Drop of black staining the bedsheet, pink

Sometimes lonely nights befriend

A lonely heart, a vagrant.

In the hushed silence of the house quiet

I am alone, quite

Sitting in liquid silence

Simple, secluded silence

Listening to the rhythm of remnant drops of the rain drizzle

Seeping in the droplets with which my fingers fiddle.

Makes me wander, makes me wonder

Makes me fly, makes me glide

Gliding through the magical sky

One with the wind passing by

Plummeting in the water whirl

Pirouetting in the white sheets’ twirl

Basking in the iridescence of scenery

Gazing at sky, reflecting greenery.

Makes me think, think deeper

Thinking through in the time’s recesses,

Meaninglessness in the life’s excesses,

Aimlessly wandering in the woods dark,

Brightens the void, the contrast stark.

Makes me love, love more

As serene as ever, that quiet moment of silence.

As overwhelming as ever, that joyful moment of happiness.

As lonely as ever, that sad moment of dismay.

As colorful as ever, that rare moment of hopeful ray.