At Our Master’s Feet

Aanchal Khanna

Smith College

Where are you, O my lover, O my depth

Oh love,

The infinite sky in our belly,

The deep violet ocean in our eyes,

The orange softness in our touch, where…

The touch that is sensual – that melts, that communicates, that walks us back to our


The love that walks us back to our silence – is the only love ?

love that makes us our own friends – love that makes us forgive – not the other first – but first


Love that has the power to melt us in ourselves,

love that meditates and meditation that loves.

My depths rise upwards

my eyes talk not to you – but to someone else in You,

my heart talks not to you – but to that heart which only knows wanderings,

That heart which is in you..

that body which I know, is not you,

I long to whisper the secrets of my soul to your soul

Oh I long to be in you

Oh I long to not just have our bodies make love

I long

I long

I long

For all to make love

I long

for our eyes to make love

I long for our hands to dissolve in love

I long for our feet swirling in the sky

Dancing on the stars

Playing hide and seek

Like children in the sky

I long

where are you

I wait

For you

To arrive

At our Master’s feet

Then I wait

to arrive at Love’s feet

Perhaps this is pain,

You have your time,

I wish

to keep whispering

keep whispering





Someday, one day, any day,

you feel ready

we’ll rise in love




Oh love, just rise

Till then


will keep